Welcome, velkommen, bienvenidos!

This is it, our blog, a new project.

For us, travelling is sitting on a bus next to an old lady with a chicken on her lap. It’s walking waist-deep across a river in pouring rain with everything you own, to stay at a farm in the mountains with a Nicaraguan family. It’s hanging out in a $5 hut on the beach in Mexico eating ceviche and tacos on the porch, while enjoying the view of the beautiful sunset and our 60-something nudist neighbour.

This is the way we travel and what we want to share.

After being on the road for the past year, we’ve had enough wtf, happy, frustrating and blissful moments that we feel we have something to pass on. Be it to fellow travellers, friends, family or anyone else who stumbles upon these lines. This blog will be made up of experiences from our rucksack life and we hope it will help you travel cheaper, get out of your comfort zone and off the gringo trail.

Strap in, enjoy the ride and let the rambling begin!