First of all, we need to say sorry.

Sorry for being bad little bloggers and not writing anything for a few weeks. We’ve been busy catching up with friends and family and finally enjoying a European summer. There have been plenty of laughs and a few tears as we hugged goodbye yet again.



Shoutout to Grandma!

A very special visit was paid by my grandma who, for the first time in decades, left Australia to go on a river cruise through Eastern Europe. Her travel style is a smidge out of our budget, though, as she was staying on a 5 star boat. But we didn’t let our budget traveling ways get in the way of some fancy food. So like any good grandson should, I let her pamper us on the boat and in return, we took her to the red light district for some “window shopping” 😉

Now you know what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks. Wondering what’s up next?



Drum roll please…..



We’re traveling from:

Estonia all the way down to Jordan! 

Roughish plan for our next journey

Roughish plan for our next journey

Okay, well that’s the plan! That’s almost 10,000 kms and 23 countries! Minus the whole Syria bit though.

This has long been a mission of both Mariana and myself and we’re very excited to be finally going on this adventure. Undusting relics from behind the Iron Curtain, seeing some untouched nature and maybe understanding some of the strange languages.

So, here we are, ready to roll, sitting in what has turned out to be Tallinn’s most notorious party hostel. Amid beer pong tournaments and checking mattresses for bed bugs, we’re slowly remembering the ride we’ll be in for.

But the best part of seeing 23 countries in 6 months is that we’ll be bringing you a whole lot more fun stuff from our Rambling Rucksack!