Before going to Morocco we knew almost nothing about the country. All we wanted was to get away from winter in Europe and travel somewhere cheap!  Well, we got both of these and much more over our 2 month stay;

We saw the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara in the east and secluded surf towns in the west.

European metropolises in the north and nomadic Berber tribes in the south.

We made many new friends and dealt with just as many scammers.

We loved their food and then Morocco destroyed that love.

It was a roller coaster ride of happy, sad, annoying, angry and amazing times. Our first African as well as Muslim country, which opened our eyes and minds to a way of life that we had never experienced.

Now we hope this photo essay will give you a glimpse into what we saw of the Moroccan world so you can open your eyes and minds to another way of life.

Morocco Photo Essay


If these photos have swayed you into thinking that Morocco is the place for you, check out our Morocco Backpacking guide! It has everything you’ll ever need to know about the country and what to do.

What’s in our camera bag?

Olympus OMD E-M5: One of the best mirrorless cameras on the market and it’s our favourite camera we travel with. Retro style, dust proof, splash proof and teeny-tiny are all big ticks that make this camera hard to turn down.

Canon EOS 550d: Great entry into the DSLR camera range with todays equivalent of the Cannon 70D. This one isn’t as portable as the Olympus, but the quality of the images it can produce is pretty ridiculous.

GoPro: The staple for any adventure travel guru, the go anywhere-do anything camera that should be in everyones camera bag. If you’ve got one and want some tips one how to use it, our friends at The Fly Away Life have written a great guide to the best GoPro tips out there.

iPhone: When all else fails or you’ve just forgotten take all your gear with you, your iPhone is a great point and shoot fallback.