If you want to go backpacking in Morocco then this is the guide you need. It contains information on safety, transport, costs, accommodation tips, food, where to go, when to go and the shit bits. If the specific information you need isn’t here, feel free to email us and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Our 2 months of backpacking in Morocco was a roller-coaster-like camel ride of happy, sad, annoying, angry and amazing times. It is a marvellous country with breathtaking nature, from the dunes of the Sahara to the lush green hills of the north. The cities are just as varied, with European metropolises at one end and nomadic Berber tribes at the other.

We loved our time in Morocco and thus we’ve concocted this backpacking in Morocco guide which will hopefully make your camel ride a little less bumpy!


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Safety While Backpacking In Morocco

We felt safer while backpacking in Morocco than almost any other country we’ve been to. At no point during our time here did we feel unsafe. The only thing you do have to watch out for are the many scams running in the country.

These scams can make Morocco a mentally draining place, even for seasoned travellers. The most annoying are:

  • The fake nice guys
  • Pushy henna women
  • Tea time in the tanneries
  • Come and see my spice/tea shop

If you want to know more details about Morocco’s scams and scam artists have a look at our ‘How to stay safe and sane in Morocco‘ guide.

a shaded souk alleyway in Marrakesh morocco